Lemongrass Green Tea

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A blend of whole leaf green tea with fresh lemongrass pods. 

  •          Mild & Steady Flavor.
  •          Savory Quality, Sweet Start with Mineral Flint and Citrus Notes.

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2 Oz. / 25-30 cups
4 Oz. / 55-60 cups
8 Oz. / 90 – 100 cups
1 lb. / 180 – 200 cups
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Tea TypeGreen Tea
EstateMultiple Estate
SpecialtySignature Blend
FermentationSemi Fermented

Tea Origin: 

Assam, India

This tea comes from the state of Assam lying on either side of the Brahmaputra River in north-east India which is the birthplace of Indian teas and the largest tea growing region in the country. The high day-temperature in this region creates greenhouse-like conditions of extreme humidity and tropical climate which contribute to the presence of a unique malty taste for which orthodox & CTC Assams are renowned the world over.

Certified by the Tea Board of India, Ministry of Commerce, Government of India.



SUCH AWESOME green tea!

I hesitate to recommend this tea so highly because twice now, I have gone to order it and it was sold out! It is truly the most wonderfully flavored green tea I have ever tasted. Perfect.


    A Go-To Green Tea - Perfect Iced

    This is one of my favorite green teas and it's truly delicious on ice. I usually get three good steeps out of each preparation and ice at least one of them.

    I've noticed with this tea that you have to be extra careful with your steeping time. If you steep longer than a minute on the first steep, some bitterness starts to show up in the aftertaste.

    Overall, this is a wonderful tea.

    BOTTOM LINE Yes, I would recommend this to a friend


      Outstanding Taste and Flavor!

      Lemongrass flavor was superb. Tried both hot and Iced!

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        Lemongrass Green Tea

        Lemongrass Green Tea


        A blend of whole leaf green tea with fresh lemongrass pods. 

        •          Mild & Steady Flavor.
        •          Savory Quality, Sweet Start with Mineral Flint and Citrus Notes.
        • Tea Estate

          Our signature blend teas are handcrafted and expertly curated by our master blenders with
          teas from multiple plantations to prepare a consistent blend entailing all characteristics
          including aroma, flavor and strength.
        • Preparation

          How to prepare a perfect cup of tea?

          • Take 1 teaspoon tea leaves. About 2 grams of leaves is ideal for a green tea preparation
          • Pour freshly boiled water over the tea leaves.
          • Boil the water to 100 degrees Celsius or 212 degrees Fahrenheit. You can then let it cool down to upto 80-90 degrees or 175-195 degrees Fahrenheit
          • Steep for 2-3 minutes depending on your taste.
          • Strain the leaves out & enjoy.
          • Best consumed without milk.
          • A sweetener like honey can be added as per taste. 
          • Use the same tea leaves for 2-3 infusions
        • Packaging

          Unlike a fine wine, tea loses its character with time. To ensure that our customers get to relish the original flavor & character of the tea we follow the shortest possible lead time in delivering the teas garden fresh from the estates to your doorstep. All our teas are packaged in Double Air Sealed Zipper Pouches within 24-72 hours of production at source in India to ensure that the flavor, aroma & character of the tea is preserved at all times. Each package comes with detailed information about the tea including the origin, tea type, estate and preparation instructions. The strong airtight zipper works as the second seal and there is no need to transfer the teas in another container once you open the initial seal of the package. The tea can be stored in the same package till you consume it entirely. Just ensure that the package is stored away from heat or sunlight. 


          Packed in Tempe, AZ, USA